We have been moved!


Up from May 27th 2019 our new address (office + warehouse) is: 2de Poellaan 10b, 2161 CJ Lisse (The Netherlands).




Machining Possibilities

Snel Staal has the possibility to supply the majority of our products in a machined condition. Our factories are fully equipped to deliver a complete (or partly) machined product.

In addition we do have contacts with a large number of subsuppliers in the Netherlands as well as abroad who can do an outstanding machining job to machine our (rough) products.

Of course all these companies are ISO-certified or approved by Snelstaal's Q.A. Department.

The following ways of machining can be performed:

  • turning
  • groove cutting
  • milling
  • drilling
  • thread cutting
  • grinding
  • cylindrical lapping
  • longhole boring

Furthermore we have the possibility to execute heads and shells with the following additional requirements:

  • special weld-joint demands
  • pickling and passivating
  • annealing etc

Drilling of pipe plates is also one of our possibilities.